Bangalore to Boyakonda Gangamma Temple

by Boyakonda Gangamma temple is located in Chittor district Andhra Pradesh near Punganur town. It is situated around 150 Kms from Bangalore.  Due to its proximity to Karnataka, It is also famous among tourist from Karnataka.   Route: Bangalore to Boyakonda Gangamma Temple From anywhere in Bangalore head towards hoskote, cross hoskote into NH4 , […]

Peer vs. Seeder vs. Leecher

by Photo Credit: Artist: Aha-Soft CC license People who are new to the world of torrent sharing often get confused with the jargon used such as Peer, Seeder, and Leecher etc. In this post I will try to explain these terms in some detail. For those who would like to know what BitTorrent is, please refer my […]

BitTorrent – How it works ?

by   BitTorrent is a technology or protocol, to help Peer-to-Peer file sharing in a network of computers. The technology is popular these days to transfer digital content across internet through torrent clients like uTorrent, vuze, BitLord, ZBigZ, BitComet etc. What is a BitTorrent Client? While BitTorrent is a File sharing/transferring protcol like FTP, SSH […]

Facebook: The Good vs The Bad

by   Facebook is one of the best known app of our time that has significantly impacted our lives in so many ways. Ever since Mark Zuckerberg conceived the idea to launch Facebook from a dormitory room in Harvard, the internet landscape has changed a lot. Thanks to the hundreds and thousands of ideas taking shape […]

REST API Design Principles

by Why focus on REST API Design ? The Software industry is making a rapid shift towards REST APIs and for obvious reasons too. I would like to share a few design principles to help you make judicious design decision with regard to your Rest API. Establishing a set of design principles can be of utmost importance to a successful and useful […]